Overview and Outlook for the Commercial P/C Insurance Industry: Focus on Southeast States

This PowerPoint presentation explores the trends, challenges and opportunities in property/casualty insurance for 2016 and beyond. Underwriting performance is presented, as well as the state of insured catastrophe losses, claim trends in private passenger insurance, economic and demographic considerations. The presentation begins with a discussion of industry financials from 2014 and into 2015, and then focuses on the Southeastern states, with detail on profitability and growth in Georgia, Florida, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Although results have been fairly strong and stable in recent years, profitability of auto and homeowners lines varies tremendously over time and across states. The report also looks at Investments, M&A, capacity, alternative capital, growth and pricing trends. Also explored is the significance of election results in the industry, insured catastrophe losses for 2015 and workers compensation. The report closes with some thoughts on the future, including cyberrisk, telematics, the on-demand economy and the Internet of Things.


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